One essential factor, which contributes to economic growth and development of an area, is the presence of road network. Tablac, one of the 42 barangays of Candon City, Ilocos Sur, is considered to have the largest land area (713.65 hectares) and population (3,329 people) based on the 2007 Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) results. It is located along the national highway extending about 5 kilometers eastward. It has an average gross annual actual income of 1,692,483.03 for the last three years (2009 – 2011). And based on the COMELEC April 16, 2012 data, the barangay has 1,523 registered voters. Tablac is composed of seven (7) “sitios”, namely: Tayab, Highway, Surdoc, Centro, Turod, Callagip and Pacquiao.

In “Sitio Tayab”, a major creek separates 128 households from the major access road of the barangay. Before the construction of the project, a wooden bridge served as the only option for vehicles and pedestrians, permitting only one vehicle to pass precariously. The City Government regularly replaced the wooden running boards to maintain the integrity of the structure, which, was taxing on their part.

In 2011, Candon City was conferred with the Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) and was eligible to receive the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF). The City Government Officials prioritized the construction of a concrete bridge, replacing the wooden structure, to ensure the smooth and safe flow of traffic and increase the economic activities of the affected households in Sitio Tayab.

Farming is the main source of livelihood of these people. Transporting their farm produce to the city proper is now safer, more convenient and faster resulting to increased income and better quality of life. Public transportations like the tricycle, 4-wheel vehicles and delivery vans carrying goods into the “sitio” can already pass the bridge easily. Harvest season rewards the hard labors of the barangay folks and their mobility in transporting their products saves them time and costs.

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