We believe in God, the Divine Providence, Our source of wisdom and strength who guides us and inspires us in all our endeavors.

We believe that the Philippines is home for God- centered , highly innovative, resourceful, peace loving and free Filipinos who work collectively towards a common goal amidst cultural and religious diversities.

We believe that Region I is endowed with abundant natural resources, developed and harnessed by its people to sustainably respond to the needs of its present and future generations.

We believe that the LGUs are responsible for and capable of developing vibrant, orderly, safe and globally competitive communities propelled by dedicated, responsive and accountable local leaders.

We believe that the highly motivated, industrious, persistent, adventurous and strongly empowered people of Region I meaningfully participate in local governance and benefit from the fruits of development.

We believe that the DILG Region I, the primary catalyst for excellence in local governance is under the stewardship of caring; leaders who respect human dignity and integrity, provide equal opportunities for career growth, ensure equitable distribution of responsibilities and give due recognition and reward for exemplary performance.

We believe that the DILG personnel of Region I, is a credible, accountable, highly-visible, competent, committed and spiritually-endowed team that move towards enhancing the image of public service and creating a significant reference in the lives of people.

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