DILG La Union partners with PGLU in GAD Planning Orientation - Workshop for GAD LGU Focal Persons


The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) La Union in partnership with the Provincial Government of La Union conducted on May 11, 2017 a Gender and Development (GAD) Planning Orientation – Workshop at the Dacanay Hall of the City Government of San Fernando, La Union.

The activity aimed to capacitate Provincial, City, and Municipal GAD Focal Point Persons on the features of GAD Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) 2016-01. Specifically, it seeks to inform the participants in the formulation of GAD Plan and Budget FY 2018 using the new prescribed template; utilization of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Tool in the attribution of GAD Budget; and the process of review and indorsement of GAD Plans and Budget of the City / Municipalities and barangays. The said activity was also one of the interventions of the Provincial Office in facilitating the completion of 2018 GAD Plan and Budget.


DILG La Union Acting Provincial Director Paulino G. Lalata, Jr. welcomed the participants, and expressed his thanks for gracing the event.
He said that the rationale in the conduct of the workshop is to help and guide the GAD focal point persons of the Province, City, and Municipalities in the formulation of their 2018 GAD Plan and Budget and meet the set deadlines.

The orientation-workshop also serves as a strategy by DILG La Union and the Provincial Government of La Union to help LGUs accomplish the requirements of the JMC, especially knowing that GAD has five (5) major indicators under the Social Protection Area of the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG).
LGOO II Joralyn Villasan, DILG La Union GAD Focal Person, and MLGOO Alona Lyn V. Garcia served as speakers for the said activity. LGOO II Villasan discussed a walk-trough on the program highlighting the Salient Features of JMC 2016-01. She also presented the new GAD Plan Template and the submission, review and endorsement of GAD Plans and Budget and schedules that needed to be met.


On the other hand, MLGOO Garcia discussed the HGDG tool and facilitated the workshops participated by the GAD Focal Persons. A Presentation of Workshop Outputs were later critiqued and synthesized by the group. A total of 35 LGU participants took part in the said activity.

The activity is Part II of DILG La Union’s intervention in the formulation and completion of 2018 GAD Plan and Budget. On May 2, 2017, the same orientation - workshop was conducted for all the DILG La Union field officers at the DILG La Union conference area. LGOO II JACQUILYN DUCUSIN



DILG RO1, DILG La Union conducts Regional CBRP Orientation Workshop for Provincial Core Groups


The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Regional Office 1, in collaboration with the DILG La Union Provincial Office, conducted the Orientation Workshop on the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) for the Provincial Core Group last May 2-4, 2017 at Oasis Country Resort and Hotel, Sevilla, City of San Fernando, La Union.

The activity was organized with the end-in-view of guiding the CBRP Provincial Core Groups in formulating a standard CBRP Plan for all the Local Government Units (LGUs) to adapt or modify.

Throughout the four-day orientation workshop, the participants were updated on the issuances on CBRP, the organization, functions, and responsibilities of Local Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (LADACs) starting from the earliest to the latest issuances.


Moreover, the resource speakers provided adequate discussions on the pertinent laws on illegal drugs, the effects of illegal drugs, the service offerings of various NGAs for the sustenance and livelihood of reformed surrenderers, and the appropriate interventions for drug surrenderers, among others.

During the conduct of the orientation-workshop, guests were given the chance to share their experiences and insights in formulating effective modules for the CBRP through various activities such as short games, simulated interview, workshops, and open forum.
CBRP is one of the major component MASA MASID Program. It is a community-based initiative to engage volunteers in the fight against criminality, corruption, and illegal drugs.


The CBRP is designed as a holistic intervention for recovering low-risk and “mild substance use” drug dependents with focus on the healing of the body and soul, through the involvement of the substance abusers, their families, and the community.  PATRICK JORGE C. SIBAYAN LGOO II

CBMS App Module 1 Training kicks-off in LU beneficiary LGUs

The Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Accelerated Poverty Profiling (APP) Module 1 Training kicked-off in the following Municipalities of La Union: Balaoan, February 6-10; and San Juan, February 20-24. The funding support of P1 Million was sourced from the Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) Program downloaded by the DILG R1 and counterpart fund provided by each Local Government Unit (LGU) beneficiary.

The 5-day training activity which featured a series of lectures and hands-on exercises was participated by 77 enumerators, 19 field editors, and 8 field coordinators. Participants were capacitated on the web-based database PORTAL which allows different CBMS users to manage accounts and devices, the Questionnaires integrated in the CBMS Scan census software installed in the registered Android Tablets purchased by the LGUs for the purpose and field operations management with the use of distribution and callback forms.
DILG Region 1 trainers LGOO V Julieta C. Galvan and LGOO IV Nicolette May O. Amon facilitated the training with supervisory and technical support from the CBMS provincial focal person and the MLGOOs of both municipalities.

The implementation of the CBMS program as a poverty-reduction strategy, will later guarantee both beneficiary municipalities to have accurate data in the drafting and updating of their local development plans. (LGOO II John Robert F. Diaz)

World Bank assesses BuB implementation of Bagulin, LU


The World Bank, through the Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Inc (OIDCI), conducted a Qualitative Outcome Assessment of the Bottom- Up Budgeting (BuB) Implementation of Bagulin, La Union last June 8- 10, 2016. 

The team of Engineer Evelyn Sagun, Maria Merla Aquino and Ivan Jim Layugan of OIDCI conducted document review on various issuances by the local government unit (LGU), minutes of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Assembly meetings, Municipal Reduction Action Team (MPRAT) meetings, and Municipal Development Council meetings, among others.

An interview with Hon. Mayor Ferdinand D. Tumbaga was also conducted. The interview covers the different phases of program implementation from the LGU’s accreditation / recognition of Civil Society Organizations (CSO), conduct of CSO assembly, MPRAT workshops and meetings, up to actual implementation of BuB projects.

Separate Focused Group Discussion (FGDs) were also conducted to groups of LGU-MPRAT members, CSO-MPRAT members, non-CSO / non-MPRAT members and project beneficiaries themselves.

A member of the Project Management Office represented by Dr. Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, of Ateneo de Manila University, also joined the team on the second day to observe the assessment being conducted.

The team, accompanied by Engr. Louie B. Manzano of the LGU and OIC- MLOO Olivia Mae N. de Guzman of the DILG also visited a completed Local Access Road BuB project located in Sitio Pila, Brgy. Cambaly. 

The OIDCI team concluded their visit with an exit conference which was presented to municipal officials.  The team commented that the result of the interview and FGDs were consistent in terms of project identification, implementation and the over-all partnership of LGU and CSOs on BuB.

The Municipality of Bagulin is one of the BuB beneficiaries in Region I since its inception in 2013. The LGU is also a Kapit—Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan — Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHl-CDSS orKC) National Community—Driven Development Program (NCDDP) or KC-NCDDP area.

OIDCIis a Philippine-based consulting firm with a proven track record in integrated area development, environment and natural resource management, governance, and institutional development.

The Philippine government has requested the World Bank to undertake various analytical works to measure and analyze the extent of representation in decision- making process and assess beneficiaries’ satisfaction over implemented projects. 

Bacnotan conducts People’s Caravan


The Municipality of Bacnotan conducted a People's Caravan to all the 47 Barangays named as Dur-as Ti Barangay, Umay Mi Idar-ay

The objective of the Caravan was to inform the people about the programs, projects and activities of the Local Government Unit (LGU) and National Government Agencies namely the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  

Part of the Caravan was to bring the services to the Barangay.  These include health & social services, validation of projects, mobile registration, tax collection, and dialogue with members of the Barangay Development Council.   It also served as an avenue for a more participative people involvement in the plans and programs of the local government and national government agencies.

MLGOO V Maria Gracia D. Dela Cruz of the DILG took the opportunity in informing the Barangay of the programs, projects and activities of the Department.  One of which is the BUB or the Bottom-Up Budgetting.  The Barangay were informed of the Process of the BUB, Projects Identified and status of implementation of these projects.  The people were also informed of the expansion of Bottom-up Budgeting (BuB) to the barangays.  

The City and 3 Other Municipalities of La Union are among Region 1 LLA Finalists

The City of San Fernando, and the Municipalities of Naguilian, Agoo and Santol are among the Region 1 2015 Local Legislative Award (LLA) Finalists. The award system is conducted to highlight the innovations and excellence in the legislative process and to institutionalize an award system for the local Sanggunians. 

The City of San Fernando is included in the Component City Category of the said Search, while Naguilian and Agoo are the Province’s bet for the 1st – 3rd Income Class Municipality Category, and Santol in the 4th – 6th Income Class Municipality Category. For this year, LLA has six (6) assessment criteria, namely: (1) Effectiveness of the Local Legislative Agenda; (2) Availability of Legislative Documents; (3) Efficiency of Performance of the Sanggunian; (4) Quality of Office Set – up and Staff Complement; (5) Legislative Awards and Citations, and; (6) Capacity Development for Legislators and Staff. 

The Provincial Awards Committee (PAC) is composed of the DILG La Union Provincial Director as the Chairperson, Philippine Councilors’ League Chapter President as Vice Chairperson and with members from the following offices: Department of Environment and Management – La Union, Provincial Budget Officer, Provincial Agriculture, Provincial Social Welfare and Development and the President or representative from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Inc (PCCI). 

Other Municipalities visited by the PAC which garnered an 80 % and above rating based on initial assessment were Sudipen, Luna, Bacnotan, San Juan, Burgos, Caba, and Rosario. The PAC visits were conducted from August – September, 2015.

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DILG R1 orients 30 LGU beneficiaries of 2014 PCF

The PCF Operational Guidelines which include provisions on incentive package for Seal of Good Local Governance awardees, prioritization of target beneficiaries, and liquidation procedures and audit requirements were discussed during the activity. The monitoring and evaluation processes of PCF projects, as well as, the documentation of PCF completed projects were presented during the orientation-briefing. 

The Performance Challenge Fund is an incentive system which recognizes local government units exhibiting good performance in local government. It was designed to motivate local governments to put premium on performance in order for them to avail of financial subsidy for local economic development as contained in the LGU’s Annual Investment Program (AIP). 

The PCF is utilized for the implementation of priority projects of the National Government geared towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), maintenance of core road networks, promotion of transparency and accountability in local government transactions and compliance to the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010.

Resource Speakers were Regional Focal Person LGOO II Veronica B. Nisperos, OIC-PDMU Chief Sharwyn M. Sangel, and Regional Accountant Sety Zorayda S. Perez.(LGOO V Sheila Marie G. Andales)

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SPO4 Juan is PNP Model Family in R1

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“To be nominated in the Search for PNP Model Families is already an honor for the uniformed police officers who risk their lives to protect and serve the community.” Regional Director Evangeline R. Almirante of the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) emphasized this during the on-site validation conducted by the Regional Search Committee (RSC). She commended the nominees for uplifting the image of police officers as family person and partner in community development.

The Search highlights family values, work ethics, and involvement in activities that promote positive changes in the community. It advocates the capability of police officers as partners in maintaining peace and order towards a more progressive socioeconomic system. It is open to all uniformed members of the PNP with legitimate or legally adopted child/children, legally married and living together with his/her spouse for at least five (5) years, and has been in the police service for at least five (5) years at the time of the Search.

After much deliberation, SPO4 Dennis A. Juan and his family stood out as the PNP Model Family of Region 1 having ranked first among six (6) nominees. The other nominees were: SPO4 Erlinda Gagaoin of La Union; PO3 Ador Puntalba and SPO2 Emma Ruth Apostol of Pangasinan; SPO4 Myrna Almadrigo and SPO4 Cesar Ramos of Ilocos Norte.

SPO4 Juan is currently assigned at Ilocos Norte PNP Provincial Office (INPPO) and is regarded by his colleagues as a soft-spoken and generous person. His family exhibited the characteristics befitting a model family. One of their advantages is the community outreach program they initiated as a family which has been sustained for 17 years. Their three (3) children would save money from their allowances to be used in buying school supplies for a group of pupils in their area. They aim to do this until the selected pupils graduate from 6th Grade. Their children also stated that when they finish school, they will continue what their parents have started.

Each nominated family were rated based on: how the parents share their responsibilities in raising their children; how they show their respect for one another in the family; how they uphold moral principles; and how they are able to bring about better change in their community.

Members of the RSC interviewed the nominees and their family, their superiors and co-workers, neighbors, pastors/ priests and local officials to assess which family will be nominated at the national level to vie for the title PNP Model Family.

The RSC is chaired by Ms. Geraldine Ortega of La Union Vibrant Women, Inc., with members composed of representatives from the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM), the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP) and St. John Bosco College of Northern Luzon.

Members of the committee conducted the on-site validation on May 8, 2017 for La Union; May 10-11, 2017 for Ilocos Norte; and May 15-16, 2017 for Pangasinan.

All the Regional nominees will be awarded in the culmination of the National Crime Prevention Week (NCPW) this coming’ September 2017.

- Nicolette May O. Amon

R1 leagues, CSOs pledge support for MASA MASID


The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), Liga ng mga Barangay (LnB), National Government Agencies (NGAs) and a number of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Region 1 expressed their support to the implementation of the Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anomalya, Mamamayang Ayaw sa Iligal na Droga (MASA MASID) during the program’s Regional Launch last October 25, 2016 at the DILG Regional Office 1, City of San Fernando, La Union.

“I do believe that this (MASA MASID) will save everybody for a better Philippines,” said Mayor Erdio Valenzuela, LMP Ilocos Norte Chapter President. Representatives from the four provincial
governments attended the activity along with representatives from the four provincial chapters of the LMP, LnB, CSOs and faith-based organizations operating in the region.

In her message, Regional Director Julie J. Daquioag emphasized the need for every sector of the society to actively participate in the program. “All of us have roles in this program because peace and order is everybody’s business,” she said. Partners from the different national government agencies like the Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) also attended the MASA MASID regional launch.

Officials and employees present were stunned as PSSUPT Jose Briones of the PNP presented the statistics on drug users, drug pushers and surrenderers. “Ang mga ito ang pumipigil sa atin tungo sa magandang buhay. Noon, hindi natin nakikita ang problema. Ngayon, we are face to face with the problem,” LMP Pangasinan Chapter President Mayor Silverio Alarcio, Jr. said, responding to the volume of R1 leagues, CSOs pledge support for MASA MASID surrenderers and arrests in the region for the last four months.

The Local Chief Executive expressed his thankfulness to the President for paving the way for programs such as MASA MASID. “Magpasalamat tayo sa ating Pangulo dahil nakita niya
ang paraan para tayo ay sumulong sa magandang buhay. Nagpapasalamat ako sa ating Pangulo dahil nakikita natin ang problema,” he said.

Mayor Alarcio also urged the body to respond to the call of the program. “Tayong mamamayan ang sisisihin kung di natin masolusyunan ang problema kasi kitang-kita na natin
kapitbahay mo, kamag-anak mo, magulang mo, anak mo, kaibigan mo. In short, mas madali na dapat para sa atin ang resulbahin ang problema. Hikayatin natin ang ating mga mamamayan. Sana hindi na natin pakakawalan itong oportunidad na ito.”

Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Calimlim, representing Gov. Amado Espino, III, also expressed the provincial government’s support for the program. “Ang amin pong commitment ay hindi lamang po kay Secretary (Sueno), hindi lamang po sa PDEA at hindi lamang po sa Presidente. Kundi we are committing to this mandate dahil gusto po namin ng magandang
kinabukasan para sa lahat po ng aming constituents,” he said.

Also present during the activity were representatives from faith-based organizations who showed eagerness to support the program. “Wala pong iwanan dito. Lahat po kami ay susuporta sa
MASA MASID. Hindi lang po kami sasama. Mag-iingay po kami. Sabi nga po ni Secretary (Sueno), lahat ng tao ay mag-ingay o makialam. Ito po ang pag- asa natin,” said Rev. Joven B. Legaspi of the Yeshua Change Agent. The MASA MASID is a barangay-based anti-criminality, anti-corruption and anti-illegal drugs program which encourages multi-sectoral partnership to
intensify the spirit of volunteerism at the community level. It aims to heighten community involvement by mobilizing the support of local stakeholders, volunteers, civic organizations, faith-based organizations and the private sectors in the fight against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption. (LGOO V Sheila Marie G. Andales with reports from LGMED)


‘Three in a row!’ DILG R1 is PBB 2015 Best Office

RDs Message

The Department of the Interior and Local Government Region     (DILG R1) was again ranked as Best Office in the recently concluded rating and ranking of DILG Delivery Units for the grant of the FY 2015 Performance Based Bonus (PBB).


Regional Director Julie J. Daquioag made the announcement to key personnel of the DILG R1 today, August 17, 2016.


“My congratulations to everyone. We just received a letter from the Central Office informing us that Region 1 was again ranked as Best Office for PBB 2015”, RD Daquioag said.


The DILG R1 was also ranked as Best Office last 2013 and 2014. RD Daquioag said that being ranked as Best Office for the third time shows consistency in performance.


“What is so special about it is that this is our third time to be rated as Best Office. This means that we have been very consistent with our performance”, RD Daquioag joyfully told members of the Regional Management Team.

DILG R1 holds basic orientation for LCEs

IMG 1879

The Department of the Interior and Local Government Region 1 (DILG R1) held a basic orientation for 80 re- elected and 10 newly- minted Local Chief Executives (LCEs) of the Region last August 30- September 1, 2016.

The Basic Orientation is Part I of the second component of the Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Program of the Department which will introduce the NEOs to the organizational, political, and constitutional environment of public service at the local government level.

The Basic Orientation was originally intended for re-elected LCEs. Newly- minted LCEs who were unable to attend the Basic Orientation conducted by the Local Government Academy (LGA) last June were invited to ensure that all LCEs of the region are guided on their first crucial days.  

Following President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncements during his State of the Nation Address (SONA), the Basic Orientation aims to discuss the issues and challenges of decentralization and explain features of Federalism as critical next step for decentralization.

Through the orientation, NEOs had opportunities to dialogue with key agencies on disaster risk reduction and management and peace and order with key emphasis on the National Government’s Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction, Role of Local Governments in Disaster Management, Utilization of Project Noah, Lambat Sibat Program of the Philippine National Police (PNP), and Enhancing Institutional Relationships between the PNP and local government units (LGUs) through Deputization of Local Police with the National Police Commission.

Former and incumbent LCEs were also invited to share their vast experiences on Crisis Management, Local Economic Development, Fiscal Management and Leadership and Management to the NEOs. The LCE- sharers were Mayor Belen T. Fernandez of Dagupan City; Former Mayor Eddie G. Guillen of Piddig, Ilocos Norte; Mayor Alfredo P. Valdez, Jr. of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte and Former Mayor Edgardo S. Cobangbang of Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

A discussion on Strategic Management, highlighting the ASEAN Economic Integration and President Duterte’s SONA which will serve as input to the LCEs formulation of their respective Development Commitment: Executive- Legislative Agenda capped the basic orientation.

The NEO Program is a continuing program of the DILG implemented through the LGA and the Regional Offices. It aims to build strategic leaders out of newly- elected officials who would lead their governments in becoming competitive, efficient and responsive institutions for development. 

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