Aringay, La Union unveils COVID-19 Isolation Facility

The Municipality of Aringay, led by Mayor Eric Sibuma, inaugurates its COVID-19 Isolation Facility on November 18, 2020 at Pangao-aoan East, Aringay, La Union.


The event was graced by DILG RD James F. FAdrilan, DILG La Union PD Virgilio P. Sison, PHO II


Eduardo Posadas representing La Union Gov. Francisco Emmanuel “Pacoy” R. Ortega III, IC Freddie Evangelista representing OCD R1 RD Eugene Cabrera and DMO III Rose Lulu Pagaduan representing DOH R1 RD Dr. Valeriano Lopez.


Mayor Sibuma says that the facility is “part of our commitment to provide services especially (during) the pandemic.” He added that the project was sourced from the Bayanihan funds and cost Php 7,243,374.00


DILG RD Fadrilan commended the LGU for establishing the facility, saying that it “shows readiness should there be cases.”


The isolation facility has a 26-bed capacity which will accommodate and manage mild COVID-19 patients who do not require hospitalization.


In his message, DILG La Union PD Sison expressed his optimism that the health crisis will end soon. He committed to “support LGUs’ endeavors especially during the trying times.”


As of date, the Municipality of Aringay has recorded 18 recoveries out of 24 total cases. The LGU continues to implement national and local health policies to combat COVID-19, and promote the general welfare of its constituents.



La Union puts up Bahay Pag-asa

The Provincial Government of La Union and the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office inaugurated its Bahay Pag-asa situated at Barangay Sta. Rita, Bacnotan, La Union on February 22, 2021.


DILG La Union PD Virgilio P. Sison, Bacnotan Mayor Francisco Angelito L. Fontanilla and Bacnotan ViceMayor Divina C. Fontanilla were privileged to take part of the inauguration.


The Residential Care Facility is expected to cater Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) in the province of La Union.


Ranilo Ipac, PSWDO, reports that they are currently furnishing the facility with equipment and hiring regional personnel before it can be accredited by the DSWD.


In his message, DILG PD Sison lauded the efforts of the Provincial Government in enhancing their services and preparing for the SGLG 2021.


One of the indicators of the SGLG is the establishment of at least one accredited Residential Care Facility for the vulnerable sector.


The SGLG program challenges LGUs to continue improving service delivery towards more progressive communities.




Best Practice in the Public Market of Balaoan, La Union

Policy Support

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed last March 8, 2020 Proclamation No. 922 declaring a State of Public Emergency throughout the Philippines due to Corona Virus Disease 91 (Covid-19), thus enjoining all local government units (LGUs) to render full assistance to undertake appropriate measures to curtail and eliminate the threat of Covid-19 in a timely manner.  On March 16, 2020, Proclamation No. 929 declaring the entire Philippines under State of Calamity due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Order No. 2020-03-023 was issued prescribing a market scheme in adherence to the IATF directives. Said EO required all individuals entering the public market to undergo temperature check and do handwash. To be on track on the curfew hours of 6AM to 6PM, the market was declared open from 6:00 AM to 5:00PM daily, giving ample time for vendors to set up their merchandise in the morning, and for market-goers to arrive home on time. The market was also set up with one entrance and one exit point only, while market disinfection is scheduled once a week.

Due to the increasing positive case in the Province of La Union, one of the safeguard measures implemented by the municipal government is regulating the schedule of market operations. Executive Order no. 2020-04-027 prescribing the market schedule of various barangays effective April 12, 2020.

On April 8, 2020, Mayor Concepcion signed EO No. 2020-04-028 requiring the mandatory wearing of facemasks in all public places.



Social distancing markers are painted on pavements of the public market. The Philippine National Police constantly reminds market goers, including those queuing in pawnshops, pharmacies, stores and others, to observe social distancing.

Popularizing the “Talipapa” and “Pasa-buy”


In its effort to regulate the movement of people and gathering of crowd in the public market, Mayor Concepcion called the active participation of barangay folks to put up a talipapa (satellite market) in locations feasible to said activity. As of April 6, 2020, a total of 22 barangays have already set up a talipapa, that further complemented the efforts of the LGU to limit the movement of people.

In the absence of public transport, civic-minded people in Balaoan popularized “pasa-buy” (pasabay), a scheme which exhibits the “bayanihan” value of the Filipinos. A volunteer resident, with private vehicle, collects orders from neighbors and buys and distribute them, at no extra cost.

Likewise, the Municipal Government have been distributing food packs to the poorest of the poor every week, since the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

The local government unit of Balaoan, guided by national policies, has been exploring possibilities, and implementing guidelines that serves the greater good for greater number.  The concerted effort of the townspeople of Balaoan has maintained its zero positive case on Covid-19 as of this writing.



La Union LGUs Ramp Up Vaccination Program at the Grassroots Level

The vaccination program in the Province of La Union is brought closer to the community through the implementation of house-to-house advocacy campaign and on-site vaccination campaign.

Due to the low turnout of vaccinated eligible population in rural communities, LGUs had to innovate and undertake aggressive vaccination drives. Equipped with advocacy materials, LGU health workers, community leaders and Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs) encouraged the residents, especially the eligible population, and helped them understand the need for immunization as a means to meet national herd immunity to protect their families and communities.

The house-to-house advocacy campaign enabled health workers to share accurate and adequate information about the COVID-19 vaccine among priority eligible groups. This allayed the fears caused by false news circulating in social media.

Dr. Eduardo Posadas, Provincial Health Officer, said they are providing augmentation to upland municipalities “hoping to vaccinate more residents in the remote barangays.” Focused Group Discussion (FGD) sessions were conducted and interested eligible individuals were inoculated on-site. Mobile vaccination teams were also deployed in Bacnotan, Bangar, Burgos, Santol and Tubao.

The City of San Fernando, and Municipalities of Bangar, San Juan, Sudipen provided free shuttle services among Senior Citizens and Adults with co-morbidities to identified vaccination sites increasing their access to the vaccination program.

Barangays in Balaoan and Caba used a “Bandillo” or speaker system to communicate to the people about the advantage of being vaccinated.

“LGUs in La Union are aiming to boost vaccine acceptance and confidence through the use of social and traditional media. Moreover, they see to it that remote communities are reached and informed of the COVID-19 vaccination program,” said DILG PD Virgilio P. Sison.

Even with these strategies, there are still those who are hesitant to get vaccinated and concerned about the adverse effects. Still, the Department, local government units and other national agencies continue to exert efforts to ensure the health and safety of the public.

PD Sison emphasized, “Vaccine is among the solutions to end the pandemic, but it is critical for everyone to still comply with minimum public health standards and be informed with correct information.”

-LGOO II Hedrich Calderon

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City of San Fernando opens Permanent BOSS to Business Sector

The City Government of San Fernando, La Union unveiled their permanent Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) on March 29, 2021 located beside the City Hall where applications for permits and licenses will be received and processed.

DILG La Union Provincial Director Virgilio P. Sison graced the unveiling of CSF Permanent BOSS with CLGOO Lily Ann O. Colisao, and DTI La Union Provincial Director Merlie D. Membrere.  Also present during the unveiling are Fire Chief Inspector Ferdinand Formacion, Landbank Manager Adeline Ramos, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Union president Lina Flor Hizon. Acting Vice-Mayor Maria Rosario Eufrosina “Chary” P. Nisce led the City in this momentous event.

The first phase of (permanent BOSS) building construction was funded through the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) received in 2018. The PCF is an incentive fund granted to Local Government Units that were conferred with the much-coveted Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) by the DILG.

“Although the building was partly funded by the Performance Challenge Fund granted by the DILG, this is a product of the City’s exemplary performance,” emphasized PD Virgilio Sison. 

Increasing competitiveness and the ease of doing business is one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s 10-point socio-economic agenda. In 2018, the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery (EODB-EGSD) Act or Republic Act No. 11032, was signed into law seeking to make the process of putting up and running in the Philippines easier and more efficient. The DILG, ARTA, DTI and DICT then issued policies to aid the implementation of the said act.

For the past years, the City had set up a temporary BOSS in the city hall to cater applicants for business permitting and licensing especially during the months of January to March.

With the new permanent BOSS, more business applications will be accommodated year-round. Aside from the foreseen increase in the LGU’s revenues, the establishment of PBOSS shows the City’s commitment to people-centered, clean, efficient and effective governance.

 “This achievement is a concerted effort, and we dedicate this building to the business sector,” Nisce said.

She added that the building provides health relief among the employees of the city hall and clients for it will decongest the traffic inside the main building, thus decreasing the risk of exposure to health hazards.

During the event, the City also inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Landbank of the Philippines to facilitate online payments, and with the Bureau of Fire Protection to assign the city as a collecting agent of Fire Safety Inspection Fees.

All these improvements aim to shorten the processing time of application, lessen the burden among business owners and curb red tape in government processes.

-LGOO II Hedrich Calderon

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San Fernando On The Go: A Digital Solution Bringing Goods to Doorsteps in the City of San Fernando, La Union

The imposition of the Enhanced Community Quarantine regulated the movement of the people in buying their basic necessities in order to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19. To address this need, the City Government of San Fernando, La Union, through the Knowledge Management and Corporate Communications - Information Communications Technology (KMCC – ICT) Section, developed the San Fernando On The Go, a web-based information system which serves as an online delivery application in aid of procuring the needed basic necessities of residents from selected barangays in the city.

The application is also the response of the LGU to the latest advisory of DILG dated April 18, 2020 encouraging LGUs to use online marketing and delivery of goods through the use of various online platforms. For its pilot operation, the City Government has recruited a total of fifty (50) tricycle drivers as third-party providers. As of April 22, 2020, the KMCC-ICT, together with the Local Economic and Business Development Office (LEBDO), trained the registered drivers on how to use and handle the digital platform. Drivers were divided into five (5) batches, with 10 drivers to be deployed daily during operating hours.

This application would not just help the residents but would also provide San Fernando On The Go: A Digital Solution Bringing Goods to Doorsteps in the City of San Fernando, La Union LGU: City Government of San Fernando, La Union opportunities to the city’s idle tricycle drivers to earn income while public transportation is suspended during the quarantine period. Moreover, selected members of the City Incident Management Team (IMT) were also trained as they will be manning the overall management of order requests and assigning of drivers using the platform. San Fernando On The Go was officially launched on April 25, 2020, operating daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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COVID-19 Code of Bauang, La Union

The Municipality of Bauang, La Union,The Municipality of Bauang, La Union,thru its Sangguniang Bayan (SB), enactedMunicipal Ordinance No. 35 series of2020 entitled “Prescribing Safety andHealth Regulations in the Municipality ofBauang and Requiring Employers, Headsand Leaders to Ensure Protection of TheirEmployees, Students and the CommunityAgainst Infection, Contamination orSpread of Infectious Diseases Such as theCorona Virus (COVID-19) and ProhibitingDiscrimination Against a Person Infected,Probable or Suspected Due to theCOVID-19 Virus Including Public andPrivate Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers,Emergency Personnel and Volunteers,Service Workers Who Are Assigned to Hospitals or Other Centers Where These Persons are Being Treated, As Well as Other Acts That Will Violate the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Imposing the Appropriate Penalties Therein, Herein Otherwise Known as the COVID-19 CODE OF THE MUNCIPALITY OF BAUANG.”The said ordinance was approved by the Local Chief Executive (LCE), Hon. Menchie C. Lomboy – De Guzman, M.D. on April 17,2020.

It provides the citizens with a body of current and enforceable laws relative to COVID-19 in a way that makes the Code easy to use as a reference. A modified public hearing was conducted on April 15– 16, 2020 wherein Sangguniang Bayan COVID-19 Code of Bauang, La Union LGU: Bauang, La Union Members (SBMs), together with the SB Secretary, went to all barangays of Bauang and informed concerned officials on duty and constituents alike about the guidelines as to the contents of the proposed measure which was certified as urgent by the LCE. Through this legal instrument,the municipality aims to institutionalize its efforts in its battle against COVID-19 and hopefully lessen its impact to the locality.


Provincial Government of La Union Opens Disinfection Water Generating Facility Amid COVID-19

The Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU) opens its disinfection water generating facility on March 24, 2020 at the Mabanag Compound, City of San Fernando, La Union. Using Japanese technology, the facility can produce 40,000 liters of disinfectant solution per day which will be used for the disinfection operations in the district Provincial Government of La Union Opens Disinfection Water Generating Facility Amid COVID-19 LGU: Provincial Goverment of La Union hospitals, checkpoints, and PGLU offices.

Households and private establishments will also be distributed with disinfectant solution in order to maximize disinfection in the province. This facility is extremely beneficial in assisting the provincial government in its priority actions to deter the persistence of the virus in critical spaces where huge populations could be exposed.


Provincial Government of La Union Hires Additional Nurses in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The health care workers have always been at the forefront in the battle against the COVID-19. They have been tirelessly working day and night in order to provide the much-needed medical attention of those who were affected by the disease. Provincial Government of La Union Hires Additional Nurses in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic LGU: Provincial Government of La Union.

Healthcare workers who directly work with exposed patients are outnumbered and due to their firsthand exposure, some staff undergo self-quarantine thus reducing their numbers drastically. To address this issue, the Provincial Government of La Union decided to hire ten (10) Project-Based Nurses to render their service starting on April 7, 2020 at Naguilian District Hospital. The said project aims to augment the present under-staffed situation of the Nursing Service Department since 15 employees are on strict home quarantine.


“Kalinga para sa Kumakalinga”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge local government units to craft innovative plans to address community concerns, and with the Enhanced Community Quarantine being implemented, the city government is working tirelessly to bring genuine solutions to problems that may arise. One of the commitments by the city government is to protect those who courageously preserve the community – the city’s frontliners, that is why the Kusina ng Kalinga (KnK) has been reactivated.

Kusina ng Kalinga is a feeding program aimed at fighting hunger and it has been operational since March 19, 2020 supplying meals for frontliners of the People’s City of San Fernando. “Kalinga para sa Kumakalinga” LGU: City Government of San Fernando, La Union LOGISTICS The Central Kitchen of KnK, located at Canaoay Elementary School, is manned by three (3) local government employees and five (5) volunteers operating from Monday to Sunday, from 4:30 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening.

Since the reactivation of KnK up to April 22, 2020, the City Government has served 54, 420 meals, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to the city’s doctors, nurses, and other frontliners who ensure the safety and security of the entire citizenry. With the reactivation of KnK, the city government was able to save around PhP 50.00 – PhP 70.00 per meal which was utilized to augment the needed funding to support other programs, such as relief operations, and procurement of PPEs for the frontliners.


Operation Hugas Kamay Upang COVID-19 ay Mamatay (Handwashing Hour in the LGU)

The Rural Health Unit of Bantay, Ilocos Sur launched the “Operation Hugas Kamay Upang COVID-19 ay Mamatay” on March 30, 2020 during the meeting of the Liga ng mga Barangay.

The program advocates proper handwashing for every two hours using the LGU’s Public Address (PA) system. On its designated time, the Operation Hugas Kamay Upang COVID-19 ay Mamatay (Handwashing Hour in the LGU) LGU: Bantay, Ilocos Sur municipality sounds its alarm and the barangays will then simultaneously ring their public address system or their church bells to remind their residents that it is time to wash their hands.

Through this initiative, the LGU hopes that handwashing will eventually become a habit and will form part of the healthy lifestyle of every resident.


Agkasapulan a Candonians Tulungan (ACT) Program

The City Government of Candon, Ilocos Sur, realizing the severe impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, launched their local initiative program called “Agkasapulan a Candonians Tulungan (ACT)” to provide assistance to the most affected Candonians. The ACT program aims to promote the Bayanihan spirit during the pandemic crisis by encouraging voluntary participation of individuals, households and organizations to extend help to families who are in need within their respective barangays.

It is also a means to augment the assistance and support coming from the national government through various Social Amelioration Programs of different government agencies and from the city government and the barangays through its own initiatives. Another objective of ACT program is to provide short term relief to the identified family beneficiaries in the form of relief goods, food packs, groceries and other essential goods until the Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted.

The ACT program was immediately adopted by the City Council presided by City Vice Mayor Kristelle Singson through Resolution No. 33-2020 entitled Adopting the “Agkasapulan A Candonians, Tulungan Program” and encouraging Individuals, Households and Organizations to Adopt a Family in need in the City of Candon Agkasapulan a Candonians Tulungan (ACT) Program LGU: Candon City , Ilocos Sur during the Enhanced Community Quarantine Period.

The adopter as defined in the resolution is any individual, household and organization who willingly participated to provide support and hope to its identified adoptee/s, provides the adoptee relief goods/grocery items/ food packs or other essential goods worth of 300 pesos and above for every 15 days or more frequent at the discretion of the adopter.

Adoptee meanwhile as stated also in the said resolution is any family whose economic life has been severely compromised by the COVID-19 pandemic or those who belong to the low-income sector or preferably those who are not yet covered by any of the social amelioration programs of the national government.



Bantay, Ilocos Sur - The 5Million Ilocos Sur Halfway House was successfully inaugurated on Friday, July 16, 2021. The facility is located within the Provincial Jail Compound, Barangay Taleb, Bantay, Ilocos Sur funded through the Enhance Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) assistance project of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) as part of the implementation of Executive Order No. 70, or the Ending Local Armed Conflict (ELCAC) program. It is the result of the convergence efforts between the DILG and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur (PGIS).

Leading the ceremonial ribbon cutting were NTF-ELCAC Vice Chair and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Jr., Governor Ryan Luis V. Singson, DILG Ilocos Sur Provincial Director Randy S. Dela Rosa, BGen Krishnamurti Mortela, PCOL Wilson Doromal, and NSC Deputy Director General Vicente M. Agdamag, respectively

NSA Esperon, in his statement, called on the remaining members of the Communist Party of the Philippines - New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) to surrender, abandoned armed-insurgency and return to the government folds.

PD Randy Dela Rosa expressed his sincerest gratitude to Governor Singson for allowing it to be built inside the provincial jail compound.

 “Kami po sa DILG ay nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat at naway ang Halfway House na ito ay magiging sagisag ng kapayapaan, kaunlaran at pag-asa sa Ilocos Sur,” PD Dela Rosa said.

Governor Singson guaranteed that the PGIS will give its full support and assistance to these government programs.

The facility will be used as a temporary home for Former Rebels (FRs) as they undergo various processes and interventions under the E-CLIP. It is now fully equipped with basic amenities such as activity/lecture hall, dining and kitchen area, shower and comfort rooms, bedrooms for single and couple participants, and an administrative office for Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) staff as house parents to the FRs.

The said facility is now operational and ready to accommodate rebel surrenderers as they reintegrate back to the mainstream society.

By: LGOO II Jaemee Erleen T. Espejo



JULY 16, 2021 -The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) held the groundbreaking of the 20-million-peso worth of various projects in Barangay Baluarte, Salcedo, Ilocos Sur, marking the activity as the first-ever project groundbreaking ceremony in Region 1 funded by the Local Government Support Fund – Support to Barangay Development Program (LGSF-SBDP) FY 2021 of the NTF-ELCAC.

The same groundbreaking ceremony was also held in Barangay Nagbettedan, Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur which also received 20-million-peso worth of various SBDP projects.

NTF-ELCAC Vice Chair and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Jr., Governor Ryan Luis V. Singson, DILG Ilocos Sur Provincial Director Randy S. Dela Rosa, DILG R1 LGMED Chief Rhodora Soriano, BGen Krishnamurti Mortela, and NSC Deputy Director General Vicente M. Agdamag spearheaded the said activities. The EO 70 Project Management Office Staff, other key officials and functionaries from the national, regional, provincial, and local levels were also present during the program.

I am so proud that it is in only in Region 1 that we could now proudly say that we have dismantled the lawn guerilla front that is existing here”, NTF-ELCAC Vice Chair Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. said.

Usec. Marlo L. Iringan, Undersecretary for Local Government extended his congratulations and message to the recipient-barangays virtually.

In his message, “Ang mga proyektong ito ay handog ng pamahalaan sa ating mga kababayan na nasa dalawang barangay, ang aming hiling ay ang mabilis at maayos na pagsasagwa ng mga proyektong ito upang sa gayon ay mapakinabangan na ang serbisyong maibibigay ng daan at school building na sisimulan ngayong araw. We can help end local communist armed conflict by winning the hearts and minds of the people through this packages that are responsive to the needs of our people”.

DILG R1 Regional Director Julie J. Daquioag also shared the rationale of the SBDP via virtual platform.

The two insurgency-cleared barangays are among the 822 identified barangays in the entire country - and the only barangays in the region - to have received this national priority program of the government pursuant to EO 70 or the whole-of-nation approach in addressing the root causes of insurgencies and other armed conflicts through the delivery of various social development services.

The 20 Million Peso Funds are intended for the Construction of Farm-to-Market Roads, Rehabilitation of Barangay Health Centers, Construction of Public Toilets, Construction of School Buildings, Assistance to Indigent Individuals, and Livelihood and Technical-Vocational Trainings. These priority programs are all identified through the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP).

Consistent with the Special Provision No. 4 of the LGSF-SBDP of the NTF-ELCAC in Republic Act (RA) No. 11518 or the FY 2021 General Appropriations Act (GAA), the DILG shall be responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of actual project implementation.

By: LGOO II Jaemee Erleen T. Espejo


DILG Conducts NTF-ELCAC Barangay Levelling Session

Bantay, Ilocos Sur – The DILG-RO 1 led by RD James F. Fadrilan, CESO III spearheaded the conduct of the National Task Force, Joint Regional/Provincial Task Force to End Local Communists Armed Conflict (ELCAC) Barangay Levelling Session for Ilocos Sur on May 25, 2021 via zoom attended by about 2,000 Barangay Officials, IPMRs, CSOs of the 768 barangays.

The levelling session aims to revisit the various initiatives and undertakings by the JRTF in line with the EO 70 Whole-of-Nation and Convergence approach to address the root causes of insurgency and other armed conflict in the province by harmonizing the delivery of basic services and development packages facilitating inclusivity in active participation of all sectors in pursuit of the country's peace agenda.

National Security Adviser Sec. Hermogenes Esperon, Jr., in his message, gave assurance and made his call on the national agencies as members of the TF-ELCAC and the barangays to work as one to address the insurgency problems to pursue lasting peace and development. Gov. Ryan Luis V. Singson gave his inspirational message that his administration is doing its best in reaching out and implementing various programs and projects in response to the priority needs of the constituents, at the same time he expressed his gratitude to everyone as the Province was already declared free of armed groups.

For his part, IS-DILG PD Randy dela Rosa presented the outputs during the Regional Consultation for Peace and Development Program. Other participating agencies included: National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) who oriented the participants on the issues and problems on the operations of Communist Terror Group (CTG), Phil. Army (702nd IB & 81st IB) and IS-PNP for the updates on the peace and order situation in the province, NEDA, TESDA, NCIP, DOJ presented their significant accomplishments, programs, services and ways forward while the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur thru the PSWDO presented the accomplishment of the PTF-ELCAC chaired by the Gov. Ryan Luis Singson. Philippine Information Agency RD Jenny Role served as moderator of the full day activity.

LGOO II Jaemee Erleen T. Espejo

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