Request for Authority to Purchase Vehicle

Duration: 8 Hours

Responsible Division: Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division (LGMED)

Service Description: Favorable endorsement of LGU request  for the issuance of authority to  purchase motor vehicle to DILG Central Office or Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

Who may avail: All LGUs


Original LCE Letter-request stating the purpose for which the vehicle will be used and deployed, No. of units to be purchased,  type of  vehicle and  specification  ( no.    of cylinders , fuel,  engine displacement);

  1.  Original Certificate of Availability of Funds (CAF) from LGU Accountant, Budget Officer or Treasurer

  2. Certified True Copy Appropriation Ordinance or Sanggunian Resolution approving the purchase; and

  3. Original Updated Inventory of Existing Motor Vehicles showing their status/conditions/worthiness using prescribed template duly signed by the Property Custodian or Supply Officer

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (No Noon Break)

Fees: No payment required

How to avail of the Service:

(8 HOURS) 

 1. Submits request and supporting documents

1. Receiving clerk (stamp RECEIVED), records and forwards the documents to ORD. RUBY CATHERINE A. APILADO / FRANCISCO P.   FABIE 1 hour
2. ORD receives and records documents and routes it to the LGMED. ELVIN JAKE  R. EMPLEO / JULIE ANN B. QUILATES
3. Person in charge evaluates  the documents and prepares the endorsement letter VIDA J. GONZALES / ALDRIN D. NOLASCO 4 hours
4. The Division Chief reviews and affixes his/her initials RHODORA G. SORIANO / LESLIE CAROL L. ISIP 1 hour
5. Regional Director signs the endorsement letter and returns the same to division concerned REGIONAL DIRECTOR / ASSISTANT REGIONAL DIRECTOR / In-Charge of Office 1 hour
2. Client receives the signed endorsement including the attached documents. 6. Records personnel records and forwards  the duly signed Endorsement, including the attached documents to DILG Central Office (funded by LGU); DBM Regional Office 1 (National Government Fund – GAA) or releases to client (upon request) RUBY CATHERINE A. APILADO / FRANCISCO P.   FABIE 1 hour
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