Release of Death Benefit Claims and Fund to the Provincial Offices

Duration:1 DAY 5 HOURS & 5 MINUTES

Responsible Division: Finance and Administrative Division (FAD)

Service Description: Release of Death Benefit Claims to  the beneficiaries of deceased barangay  officials.

Who may avail:  Beneficiaries of deceased Barangay officials             


  1. List of Claimants covered by Fund allocation from NBOO and FMS
  1. Sub-allotment Release Order and Notice of Transfer allocation

Availability of Service:

Fees: No payment required

NOTE: Region I downloads the DBC Funds to the Provincial Offices thus payment or release of  DBC Claims will be done at the Provincial Offices.

How to avail of the Service:































1. Accounting Staff reviews the funded claims versus the list of claimants endorsed to NBOO and prepares the Disbursement Vouchers and Obligation Request Slip with the copy of the list of claimants. SETY ZORAYDA S. PEREZ / JEROME T. COLCOL 3  hours & 5 minutes
2.  FAD Chief reviews and signs the DV and ORS and forwards to Budget Section/FAD ALICA C. BANG-OA 30 minutes
3. Budget  Section processes, provides funding and forwards to Accounting Section; MERCEDES C. LLANES 3 hours
4. Accounting Section process and forwards to Regional Director for approval ; SETY ZORAYDA S. PEREZ / JEROME T. COLCOL 3 hours
5. The Regional Director approves and forwards the claim to  Cash Section; REGIONAL DIRECTOR / ASSISTANT REGIONAL DIRECTOR 1 hour
6. The Cash Section  prepares  the LDDAPand bank advice and submits the same to the bank; LORELIE H. CAOILE 3 hours
7. Cash Section Informs the Provinces of the LDDAP of the availability of signed checks; LORELIE H. CAOILE 30 minutes
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