Issuance of Certification of Compliance to Full Disclosure Policy (FDP) for Endorsement to Central Office 

Duration:3 Days 3 Hours

Responsible Division: Local Government Capability and Development Division (LGCDD)

Service Description: Favorable endorsement to DILG Central Office the request from the concerned province/city/municipality that intends to avail a loan and/or for  the purpose  of accessing other national program windows.

Who may avail:
All Provinces, Cities, and Municipalities thru the FDP Focal Persons


  1. Letter request stating the purpose; and,
  1. Certification of Compliance to FDP issued by DILG Provincial Offices attested by Civil Society Organization.

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm (No Noon Break)

Fees: No payment required

 How to avail of the Service:

(3 Days 3 Hours)

1. Submits letter request and requirements to receiving officer.

1. Receiving clerk (stamp RECEIVED) records and forwards the documents to ORD. RUBY CATHERINE A. APILADO / FRANCISCO P.   FABIE 1 hour
2. ORD receives and records documents and routes it to the LGCDD. ELVIN JAKE  R. EMPLEO / JULIE ANN B. QUILATES
3. Focal person prepares data requirements (DCF, Certification and M & E Tool) for onsite and requires Province to provide the name of the CSO who will join the FDP validation  MAYROSE R. ANCHETA / AMILY D. DULAY

1 day

2 days ( if with onsite validation or may vary depending on geographical location of subject LGU)

4. Focal Person thru the PO coordinates with the LGU of the incoming validation  (attested by CSO) MAYROSE R. ANCHETA / AMILY D. DULAY 1 hour
5. Focal Person conducts an onsite validation in the three (3) Conspicuous Places in the  LGU for the two (2) preceding quarters of the current year together with the CSO. MAYROSE R. ANCHETA / AMILY D. DULAY 1        DAY
6. Focal Person prepares an indorsement to the CO for the  Issuance of FDP Certificate to the LGU.  MAYROSE R. ANCHETA / AMILY D. DULAY
Note:  Waiting time for the Issuance of FDP Certificate will be three weeks. BLGS  
2. Client receives the signed endorsement including the attached documents. (upon request) 7. Region to provide a copy of the issued FDP Certificate to the province for immediate dissemination to the LGU. MAYROSE ANCHETA / AMILY D. DULAY 1        hour
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